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Regular Events
Test Planning / Trial Class
Every Sat 
10am – 12noon
(by reservation)
Before you even think about taking any of the popular standardized tests, make sure you analyze the results of your mock SAT, ACT or SAT Subject tests. This will help you determine your weaknesses and give you something to build on when test time approaches. You may consider speaking to your counselor, teachers or parents. Don’t feel like you can delay this inevitable task. It’s better to practice early and succeed. No matter what you decide to do – The Princeton Review is here to help. Join our workshop to learn more about what it takes to properly plan and achieve maximum results in your standardized tests.
Essay Brainstorming
Every Sat 
2pm – 4pm
(by reservation)
The college Personal Statement provides students with the opportunity to write about themselves, using whatever anecdote they wish in order to communicate something profound and genuine. If this seems daunting or vague, you’re not alone. So, where to begin? As with any writing assignment, the best way to approach the Personal Statement is to brainstorm what you want the essay to communicate about you to the Admission Officers who will be considering you for their schools. In this workshop, our counselors will introduce a number of proven tools and concepts to help you get started on your Personal Statement today. Remember that the first step is always the hardest, but it will get easier from there.
Essay Writing Part 1 - Personal Statement
Every Sat 
2pm – 4pm
(by reservation)
In addition to standardized test scores and your academic transcripts, a Personal Statement is a required part of many college applications. The Personal Statement can be one of the most stressful parts of the application process because it’s the most open ended. In this workshop, we will guide you through common college essay topics and introduce you to the major “do’s” and “don’ts” in essay writing to help you write a winning statement. Sometimes the best way to learn is to see it. Our experts will be sharing examples, fantastic essays that have led to top tier admissions and also those that should have never been submitted!
Essay Writing Part 2 - Supplements
Every Sat 
2pm – 4pm
(by reservation)
There’s only so much that Admission Officers could deduce from your extracurricular activities, transcripts, test scores or recommendation letters. Don’t use your supplement essays to regurgitate information that’s already available – reveal something that can’t be found anywhere else in the application. The best supplement essays will add great context and personality to your application and elevate your chances of admission. It can be the difference between a ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ decision. Join us for this special workshop, and learn how to better convey yourself in your supplement essays.
Admission Interview
Every Sat 
4pm – 6pm
(by reservation)
Admission interviews are evaluative or informative. In evaluative interviews, your performance will be considered by Admissions Officers. Whereas in an informative interview, you have the opportunity to find out more about the school, while the school also finds out more about you. It’s your chance to convey your passion, ambitions and note the qualities that will ensure your success at their institution. In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to improve their presentation skills, practice with fellow classmates and hone their interview techniques.
Other Events
Test Fiesta/ Rock the test
Giving opportunities for prospects to take a mock version of the tests before they face the real thing and to make them understand the need for a prep course.
Scores Back session
Follow up session after the test fiesta. We get the students and parents to come to the centre for a score report review session with our full time trainers.
The objective is to increase foot traffic at the centre during weekdays and also helps lead nurturing process. 
SAT/ACT Sneak Peek
Preview of strategies and techniques – showcase the demo questions to WOW the students and parents how a difficult question can be cracked in less than a minute with TPR strategies
Roadmap to College
Most popular lead magnet! Parents and students are invited over to the centre, usually on Saturday mornings to walk them through process of applying to the US colleges.
SAT Vs ACT (mostly combined with the PRA test)
Workshop covers the differences and similarities between the two tests and gives the opportunity of finding the best fit test for the students.
Coffee with Counsellors
Students and parents make appointments with our ECs for a free consultation.
Meet the trainers
Students and parents make appointments with the trainers to discuss how our prep program works and perhaps do a couple demo questions. 
Personal Statement Workshop
This covers the Do’s and Don’ts of the Personal Essay and show the participants a few sample essays
Dream Colleges
Dream college 
SAT Refresher
Recap of strategies and techniques right before the exam! Plus test day tips
English Placement Tests
We invite you to take English Assessment Test. Our advisor will meet you and evaluate your English level with a full report after the test is complete.
Past Events
Institutional Workshop
Sat, Oct 13, 4 pm
Private vs. Public Universities
Choosing between a public and private university could make the entire difference as to how you go through your university life. The decision can be, however, overwhelming given the various options and the subtle differences among them.
We at the Princeton Review can help you with that life-or-death decision. Featuring our very own experts, one from UC Berkeley and the other from Cornell and Columbia, this seminar unveils the myths in terms of the school selection, the admission requirements, the pros and cons of the two broad types of universities and more. So, it would definitely be one of the seminars you never want to miss.
Sat, Oct 20, 4 pm
American & Canadian Boarding School Fair
Come meet representatives from boarding schools across the United States, Canada, and abroad. The fair provides students and parents considering international education at the secondary school level a unique opportunity to have face-to-face communication with admissions representatives from accredited schools from across the US, Canada and around the world. 
Admissions representatives will discuss school options, application process, along with ways to make study affordable. Discover school options including: arts education, junior & high school, college-prep, ESL, learning differences, summer programs, coeducational and single-sex schools, religious affiliation, etc.
Give your child a head start! Find out more about the benefits of a boarding school education and schooling options at this unique fair.
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