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About the SAT Subject Tests
These tests measure your knowledge of high-school academic subjects. Most selective colleges and universities recommend one to three SAT Subject Tests as admissions requisites. Some colleges or universities recommend specific Subject Tests scores, so you may need to do a little investigation into the colleges you may be interested in before deciding which SAT Subject Tests to take. (Our College Admissions Counsellors can help.)

What are the SAT Subject Tests and why are they important?
SAT Subject Tests (sometimes referred to as SATIIs) are one-hour exams that focus on specific academic subjects. The best part about SAT Subject Tests is that in many cases you get to choose which ones you’ll take, so you can pick the ones where you’re strongest or ones that will highlight other areas of your application. 
What specifically do the SAT Subject Tests examine?
It depends on the test. There are 5 content areas: Math, History, Literature, Science, and Languages. There are multiple tests in every content area except Literature.

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