The SAT and ACT are the two main tests used for College and University 
admissions, both of which are accepted at all institutions throughout the US.
When researching “SAT & ACT differences” or “should I take the SAT or ACT”, it would take 
a lot of time to sift through all the results and attain the information required
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ACT and SAT: How do I choose?
The Princeton Review helps students determine which test is best for them through full-length practice tests. As we realize that time is valuable, we have developed the StartUp test. Essentially, it’s the best way to decide which test will help give you a nudge in the right direction. It’s a lot less fuss and the best part is, it’s absolutely free!

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ACT and SAT Content
The content and style of the SAT and ACT are similar in many aspects. A number of factors such as time and pressure management, and identifying and addressing the most challenging questions can help you better perform on your test date. For example, the pace of the SAT gives you a tad more time to think through problems, while the ACT can be more of a time crunch. Some students really thrive under the pressure of the clock, while others prefer the extra time to ponder a question.

If you’re out of time and need to pick one immediately you can head over to our US site and try our
QUIZ: SAT, ACT, or Both? but this is only gauges which test your personality and traits point towards. So inquire about our free StartUp test today.
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